Y & T 1976 Yesterday & Today London Y & T 1978 Alcohol London Y & T 1978 Struck Down London Y & T 1981 Earthshaker A&M Y & T 1982 Black Tiger A&M Y & T 1983 Mean Streak A&M Y & T 1984 In Rock We Trust A&M Y & T 1985 Open Fire [live] A&M Y & T 1985 Down for the Count A&M Y & T 1987 Contagious David Geffen Co. Y & T 1990 Ten David Geffen Co. 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Atlantic Yes 1973 Yessongs [live] Atlantic Yes 1974 Relayer Atlantic Yes 1974 Tales from Topographic Oceans Atlantic Yes 1975 Yesterdays Atlantic Yes 1977 Going for the One Atlantic Yes 1978 Tormato Atlantic Yes 1980 Drama Atlantic Yes 1980 Yesshows [live] Atlantic Yes 1981 Classic Yes Atlantic Yes 1983 12 Inches on Tape Atco Yes 1983 90125 Atco Yes 1985 9012 Live: The Solos Atlantic Yes 1987 Big Generator Atco Yes 1991 Union Arista Yes 1991 Yesyears Atco Yes 1992 Yesstory Atco Yes 1993 The Very Best of Yes Atlantic Yes 1994 An Evening of Yes Music Plus Herald Yes 1994 Family Album Connoisseur Yes 1994 Talk Victory Music Yes 1996 Keys to Ascension CMC International Yes "1997 Keys to Ascension, Vol. 2 Cleopatra " Yes 1997 Open Your Eyes Beyond Yes 1998 Beyond & Before: BBC Recordings 1969-1970 Cleopatra Yes 1998 Friends & Relatives Cleopatra Yes 1998 Something's Coming Wea International Yes 1999 Millennium Collection Digimode Yes 1999 The Ladder Damian Yes 2000 Best of Yes Elektra Yes 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Solos [Video/DVD] Atlantic Yes DVD/VHS 1991 Greatest Hits Video Atlantic Yes DVD/VHS 1991 Yesyears [Cassette & Video] Atlantic Yes DVD/VHS 1992 Yesyears: A Retrospective Atlantic Yes DVD/VHS 1995 Yesyears + CD's Atlantic Yes DVD/VHS 2000 House of Yes: Live at House of Blues [Video/DVD] Eagle Eye Media Yes DVD/VHS 2000 The Best of Musikladen Pioneer Yes DVD/VHS "2001 1975 at Q.P.R., Vol. 1: Live Import " Yes DVD/VHS "2001 1975 at Q.P.R., Vol. 2: Live Panorama " Yes DVD/VHS 2001 Keys to Ascension [Video/DVD] Image Yes DVD/VHS 2002 Live in Amsterdam [Video/DVD] Pioneer Yes DVD/VHS 2003 Symphonic Live [DVD & CD] Eagle Vision USA Yes DVD/VHS 2003 Yes [DVD EP] Classic Pictures Yes DVD/VHS 2004 35th Anniversary Concert: Songs from Tsongas [live] Image Yes DVD/VHS "2004 Live in Philadelphia, 1979 DVD" Yes DVD/VHS 2004 Yes Acoustic: Guaranteed No Hiss [live] Classic Pictures Yes DVD/VHS 2004 Yesspeak: 35th Anniversary Collection [live] Classic Pictures Yes DVD/VHS 2005 Critical Review 1968-1973 [DVD] Classic Rock Legends Yes DVD/VHS 2005 Greatest Video Hits Rhino Yes DVD/VHS 2005 Yes: Symphonic Live [DVD] Eagle Rock/Pioneer Yes DVD/VHS 2005 Yesyears [Video] Atco Ying Yang Twins Me & my brother Yira Electroviajeporteno Yo yo Ma / Kathryn Stott Paris la belle epoque Yocasta Desde la oscuridad "Yorio, Marˇa Rosa" Puertos You Know Who You Know Who "Young, Neil" 1969 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere Reprise "Young, Neil" 1969 Neil Young Reprise "Young, Neil" 1970 After the Gold Rush Reprise "Young, Neil" 1972 Journey Through the Past Reprise "Young, Neil" 1972 Harvest Reprise "Young, Neil" 1973 After the Gold Rush/Harvest Warner Bros. 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