T Rex 20tH Century Boy T Rex 20TH Century Superstar T Rex A Beard of stars T Rex Back in business T Rex Bolan Boogie T Rex Bolan' s Zip Gun T Rex Boogie On (LP) T Rex Born to boogie: The Collection T Rex Bump 'N Grind T Rex Dandy in the underworld T Rex Electric Warrior T Rex Electric Warrior Sessions T Rex Fly back: Best of Marc Bolan & T Rex T Rex For the Lion and the Unicorn T Rex Futuristic Dragon T Rex Legend of T Rex T Rex Live 1977 T Rex Marc Bolan & T Rex T Rex My People Were Fair and T Rex "Prophetsm, Seer & Sages " T Rex Shadowhead T Rex Singles As & Bs T Rex "Singles Box, Vol. 1" T Rex Solid Gold T Rex Top 30 singles (LP) T Rex Solid Gold: The Best of T Rex T Rex T.Rex (Expanded) T Rex Tanx (LP) T Rex Tanx (US Bonus) T Rex The Essential Collection T Rex The Slider (LP) T Rex There was a time Live 67 T Rex Total T. Rex 1971-1972 T Rex Uncaged (Enhanced Bonus Cd) T Rex Unicorn T Rex Universal Masters Collection T Rex Very Best of T. Rex T Rex Wax co: singles A's B's T Rex Work in progress T Rex Zinc Alloy and thne hidden? T Rex Back in business T.A.T.U. 200 km/h in the wrong lane T.S.O.L DVD. 2002 Live at O.C. [Video/DVD] MVD T.S.O.L. 1981 T.S.O.L. Poshboy T.S.O.L. 1981 Weathered Statues Alternative Tentacles T.S.O.L. 1981 Dance With Me Frontier T.S.O.L. 1982 Beneath the Shadows Restless T.S.O.L. 1984 Change Today? Enigma T.S.O.L. 1986 Revenge Enigma T.S.O.L. 1987 Hit and Run Enigma T.S.O.L. 1988 Live Restless T.S.O.L. 1990 Strange Love Enigma T.S.O.L. 1991 Live 1991 Triple X T.S.O.L. 2001 Disappear Nitro T.S.O.L. 2003 Divided We Stand Nitro T.S.O.L. 1988 Thoughts of Yesterday 1981-1982 Poshboy T.S.O.L. 1992 Hell & Back Together: 1984-1990 Restless T.S.O.L. 1997 T.S.O.L./Weathered Statues NIT T.S.O.L. 2005 Who's Screwin Who? 18 T.S.O.L. Greatest Non-Hits Anarchy Music Tactile Gemma Tactile Gemma Taija Rae 2005 Teatro de ánimas Talisman Cats & dogs Talk talk The collection Talking Heads 1977 Talking Heads: 77 Sire Talking Heads 1978 More Songs About Buildings and Food Sire Talking Heads 1979 Fear of Music Sire Talking Heads 1980 Remain in Light Sire Talking Heads 1982 The Name of This Band Is Talking Heads [live] Sire Talking Heads 1983 Speaking in Tongues Sire Talking Heads 1984 Stop Making Sense Sire Talking Heads 1985 Little Creatures Sire Talking Heads 1986 Sounds from True Stories Luaka Bop Talking Heads 1986 True Stories Sire Talking Heads 1988 Naked Fly Talking Heads 1999 Stop Making Sense [Special Edition] [live] Warner Bros. Talking Heads 1987 Talking Heads: 77/More Songs About Buildings and Food Sire Talking Heads 1992 Popular Favorites 1976-1992: Sand in the Vaseline Sire Talking Heads 1992 The Best of Talking Heads: Once in a Lifetime EMI Talking Heads 1999 12 X 12 Original Remixes EMI Talking Heads 2001 Remixed EMI Talking Heads 2003 Once in a Lifetime [Box Set] Rhino Talking Heads 2004 The Best of Talking Heads Sire/Warner Bros./Rhino Talking Heads 2005 Talking Heads Brick [DualDisc] Sire/WB/Rhino Talking Heads 2005 The name of the band is Talking Head (2CD) Talking Heads DVD 1988 Storytelling Giant Warner Reprise Video Talking Heads DVD 1999 Stop Making Sense [Video] Palm Talking Heads DVD 1984 Stop Making Sense [Video] Warner Bros. Tam! Hello my friends do Tamboro Mutanta Latiendo raices Tamke Inkebrantable Tan Biónica Wonderful noches "Tandooris, The" Walking Blind "Tandooris, The" Science fiction guaranteed Tangerine Dream 1970 Electronic Meditation Relativity Tangerine Dream 1971 Alpha Centauri Relativity Tangerine Dream 1972 Zeit Relativity Tangerine Dream 1973 Atem Relativity Tangerine Dream 1974 Phaedra Virgin Tangerine Dream 1975 Ricochet [live] Virgin Tangerine Dream 1975 Rubycon Virgin Tangerine Dream  1976 Stratosfear Virgin Tangerine Dream  1977 Encore [live] Virgin Tangerine Dream  1977 Sorcerer MCA Tangerine Dream  1978 Cyclone Virgin Tangerine Dream  1979 Force Majeure Virgin Tangerine Dream  1980 Tangram Blue Plate Tangerine Dream  1981 Thief Asylum Tangerine Dream  1981 Exit Elektra Tangerine Dream  1982 Die Melodie aus Dem Gleichnamigen TATORT Virgin Tangerine Dream  1982 Logos: Live at the Dominion Virgin Tangerine Dream  1982 White Eagle Virgin Tangerine Dream  1983 Hyperborea Virgin Tangerine Dream  1984 Extracts from Poland [live] Relativity Tangerine Dream  1984 Poland: The Warsaw Concert [#2] [live] Relativity Tangerine Dream  1984 Risky Business Virgin Tangerine Dream  1984 Warsaw in the Sun Jive/Electro Tangerine Dream  1984 Firestarter Varese Sarabande Tangerine Dream  1984 Flashpoint One Way Tangerine Dream  1984 Poland [live] Combat Tangerine Dream  1985 Streethawk Atlantic Tangerine Dream  1985 Le Parc Relativity Tangerine Dream  1985 Legend MCA Tangerine Dream  1986 Desert Dream Relativity Tangerine Dream  1986 Green Desert Relativity Tangerine Dream  1986 Heartbreakers Virgin Tangerine Dream  1986 Pergamon [live] Caroline Tangerine Dream  1986 Underwater Sunlight Relativity Tangerine Dream  1987 Three O'Clock High Atlantic Tangerine Dream  1987 Canyon Dreams [Tangerine Dream] Tangerine Dream Tangerine Dream  1987 Deadly Care Silva America Tangerine Dream  1987 Shy People Atlantic Tangerine Dream  1987 Tyger Relativity Tangerine Dream  1988 Marakesh Atlantic Tangerine Dream  1988 Livemiles Caroline Tangerine Dream  1988 Optical Race Private Music Tangerine Dream  1989 Miracle Mile Private Music Tangerine Dream  1989 Dead Solid Perfect Silva Screen Tangerine Dream  1989 Destination Berlin Hansa Tangerine Dream  1989 Lily on the Beach Private Music Tangerine Dream  1990 Wavelength Atlantic Tangerine Dream  1990 Melrose Private Music Tangerine Dream  1990 Near Dark Varese Sarabande Tangerine Dream  1991 From Dawn Til Dusk Alex Tangerine Dream  1991 Canyon Dreams [Miramar] Miramar Tangerine Dream  1991 L' Affaire Wallraff (The Man Inside) EMI France Tangerine Dream  1992 Rockoon Miramar Tangerine Dream  1992 The Park Is Mine Silva America Tangerine Dream  1993 Dreaming on Danforth Avenue [live] Blue Moon Tangerine Dream  1993 Rumpelstiltskin Rincon Tangerine Dream  1993 220 Volt Live Miramar Tangerine Dream  1994 Catch Me if You Can Edel America Tangerine Dream  1994 Turn of the Tides Miramar Tangerine Dream  1994 Encore Tangerine Dream  1995 The Dream Mixes Miramar Tangerine Dream  1995 Tyranny of Beauty Miramar Tangerine Dream  1996 Book of Dreams Castle Tangerine Dream  1996 Goblins Club Castle Tangerine Dream  1996 Zoning Repertoire Tangerine Dream  1997 Oasis Miramar Tangerine Dream  1997 Tournado Resurgent Tangerine Dream  1998 TimeSquare: Dream Mixes II TDI Tangerine Dream  1998 Ambient Monkeys TDI Tangerine Dream  1999 Architecture in Motion Miramar Tangerine Dream  1999 Dream Encores Tangerine Dream Tangerine Dream  1999 Mars Polaris Tangerine Dream Tangerine Dream  1999 Quinoa Tangerine Dream Tangerine Dream  1999 Sohoman Tangerine Dream Tangerine Dream  1999 Transsiberia: The Russian Express Railway Experience Tangerine Dream Tangerine Dream  1999 What a Blast: Architecture in Motion TDI Tangerine Dream  1999 Valentine Wheels Tangerine Dream  2000 Antique Dreams Tangerine Dream Tangerine Dream  2000 Great Wall of China Tangerine Dream Tangerine Dream  " 2000 Soundmill Navigator: Live at the Philharmonic, 1976 TDI " Tangerine Dream  2000 The Seven Letters From Tibet TDI Tangerine Dream  2000 Dream Sequence Tangerine Dream  2000 Tangents: 1973-1983 Box Tangerine Dream  " 2001 Dream Mixes, Vol. 3 TDI " Tangerine Dream  2002 Inferno Tangerine Dream Tangerine Dream  2003 Mota Atma TDP Tangerine Dream  " 2004 Dream Mixes, Vol. 4 Tangerine Dream " Tangerine Dream  " 2004 Live in Aachen, Germany TDC " Tangerine Dream  " 2004 Live in Montreal, Canada United States Dist " Tangerine Dream  " 2004 Live In Ottawa, Canada TDC " Tangerine Dream  " 2004 Live in Paris, France TDC " Tangerine Dream  " 2004 Live in Sydney, Australia TDC " Tangerine Dream  2004 Purgatorio Tangerine Dream Tangerine Dream  2004 Thief [Wounded Bird] Wounded Bird Tangerine Dream  2005 Live in Brighton 1986 United States of Distribution Tangerine Dream  2005 Live in Cleveland 1986 United States of Distribution Tangerine Dream  2005 Brighton 1986 Live TDI Music Tangerine Dream  2005 Cleveland 1986 [live] Tangerine Dream Tangerine Dream  2005 East [live] Tangerine Dream Tangerine Dream  " 2005 The Bootleg Box Set, Vol. 1" Tangerine Dream  " 2005 The Bootleg Box Set, Vol.2" Tangerine Dream  2005 An Introduction To ... Tangerine Dream  2005 Journey Through a Burning Brain (Anthology) Tangerine Dream  2006 Jeanne Darc Tangerine Dream Tangerine Dream  2006 Rocking Mars Tangerine Dream Tangerine Dream  DVD 1992 Canyon Dreams [Video] Miramar Tangerine Dream  DVD 1996 Video Dream Mixes [DVD/Video] Image Tangerine Dream  DVD 1997 Three Phase Miramar Tangerine Dream  DVD 1998 Oasis [Video] Miramar Tangerine Dream  DVD 2003 Live in America 1992 [DVD & CD] Eagle Vision USA Tango (Tanguito) Tango Tango Reflections Trio Astor Changes Tango & Beatles Tango versions of Beatles greatest hits Tank Still at war Tankard 1988 Zombie Attack Noise Tankard 1990 Hair of the Dog Noise Tankard 2003 B-Day The End Tankard 2003 Chemical Invasion Noise Tankard 2003 Morning After Noise Taraxacum Rainmaker Tarot Suffer our pleasures Tas Morose Matters of the dark Tauro Tauro Telescopica Dale Corre Television Television "Telis, Daniel" Daniel Telis "Telis, Daniel" Project "Telis, Daniel" Angkor Tempestas Euphony of contradiction Temple Of The Dog 1990 Temple Of The Dog Ten 1997 Name of the Rose SPV Ten 1998 The Robe Saraya Ten 1999 Never Say Goodbye [live] Neh Ten 2000 Babylon Frontiers Ten 2000 Thought Plan Execution JRDD Entertainment Ten 2004 Return to Evermore [Bonus Track] Avalon Japan Ten 2004 Spellbound Frontiers Ten 1999 The Robe/Bonus Collection Frontiers Ten 2006 The Essential Collection 1995-2005 Frontiers Ten 1999 Ten/The Name of the Rose Frontiers Ten Foot Pole 1993 Swill Fat Wreck Chords Ten Foot Pole 1994 Rev Epitaph Ten Foot Pole 1995 Ten Foot Pole & Satanic Surfers Bad Taste Ten Foot Pole 1997 Unleashed Epitaph Ten Foot Pole 1998 Insider Epitaph Ten Foot Pole 2002 Bad Mother Trucker Victory Ten Foot Pole 2004 Subliminable Messages Go Kart Ten Years After 1967 Ten Years After Deram Ten Years After 1968 Undead Deram Ten Years After 1969 Ssssh BGO Ten Years After 1969 Stonedhenge Deram Ten Years After 1970 Cricklewood Green Chrysalis Ten Years After 1970 Watt Chrysalis Ten Years After 1971 A Space in Time Chrysalis Ten Years After 1972 Alvin Lee & Company Deram Ten Years After 1972 Rock & Roll Music to the World Chrysalis Ten Years After 1973 Recorded Live [Chrysalis] Chrysalis Ten Years After 1974 Positive Vibrations Chrysalis Ten Years After 1987 Universal Chrysalis Ten Years After 1989 About Time Chrysalis Ten Years After 1993 Live at Reading '83 Dutch East Ten Years After 1993 Live Code 90 Ten Years After 1994 Live 1990 Demon Ten Years After 1994 Love Like a Man ITM/Traditional Line Ten Years After 2001 Live at the Fillmore East 1970 Chrysalis Ten Years After 2002 Recorded Live [Beat Goes On] Beat Goes On Ten Years After 2004 Now Ten Years After Ten Years After 2005 After Polygram Ten Years After 2005 Roadworks [live] Ten Years After Ten Years After 1975 London Collector: Greatest Hits Deram Ten Years After 1975 Ten Years After/Stonedhenge Deram Ten Years After 1976 Anthology [Chrysalis] Chrysalis Ten Years After 1977 Classic Performances of Ten Years After CBS Ten Years After 1977 Greatest Hits Deram Ten Years After 1979 London Collection London Ten Years After 1980 Profile Teldec Ten Years After 1981 Hear Me Calling Decca Ten Years After 1985 Goin' Home Deram Ten Years After 1991 Essential Chrysalis Ten Years After 1994 Collection Castle Ten Years After 1997 Ssssh/Cricklewood Green Mobile Fidelity Ten Years After 1998 Premium Gold Collection EMI Ten Years After 1998 I'm Going Home Disky Ten Years After 2001 Very Best Ten Years After Album Ever EMI Ten Years After 2002 Deram Years Anthology Universal International Ten Years After 2002 The Anthology 1967-1971 [Hip-O] Hip-O Tenebrarum Divine war Tenebrarum Voices Tensión Post post modern ethics Terrorist Collision Terrorist Collision Terrorizer 1995 World dowfall Terrorvision 1993 Formaldehyde EMI Terrorvision 1994 How to Make Friends and Influence People Total Vegas/EMI Terrorvision 1996 Regular Urban Survivors EMI Vegas Terrorvision 1998 Shaving Peaches EMI Terrorvision 2001 Good to Go Terrorvision 2001 Whales & Dolphins EMI Terrorvision 2006 For One Night Only [live] Snapper Classics Terrorvision 2005 Hey Mr. Buskerman: B-Sides and Rarities Tesla 1986 Mechanical Resonance Geffen Tesla 1989 The Great Radio Controversy Geffen Tesla 1990 Five Man Acoustical Jam Geffen Tesla 1991 Psychotic Supper Geffen Tesla 1994 Bust a Nut Geffen Tesla 2001 Replugged Live Sanctuary Tesla 2001 Time's Makin Changes Best Tesla 2002 Standing Room Only [live] Sanctuary Tesla 2003 Extended versions Tesla 2004 Into the Now Sanctuary Tesla DVD 1998 Five Man Acoustical Band [Video] Geffen Tesla DVD 2002 Five Man Video Band Geffen Testament 1987 The Legacy Atlantic Testament 1988 The New Order Megaforce Testament 1989 Practice What You Preach Megaforce Testament 1990 Live at Eindhoven Mega Force Testament 1992 The Ritual Atlantic Testament 1993 Return to the Apocalyptic City Atlantic Testament 1997 Demonic Fierce Testament 2001 First Strike Still Deadly Spitfire Testament 1995 Live at the Fillmore Burnt Offering Testament 1994 Low Atlantic Testament 1997 Signs of Chaos: The Best of Testament Mayhem Testament 2004 Days of Darkness Snapper Testament 1990 Souls of Black Megaforce Testament 1999 The Gathering Spitfire Testament 2001 The Very Best of Testament Rhino Testament 2005 Live in London Testament DVD 2005 Live in London (DVD) Testament DVD 2005 Seen between the lines (DVD) Thalion Another sun The Chick Corea Electric Band Live at Maintenance Shop (DVD) The The Hanky Panky Theatre Des Vampire Bloody lunatic asylum Theatre of Tragedy 1995 Theatre of Tragedy Theatre of Tragedy 1997 Rose of the dead Theatre of Tragedy 1997 Velvet darkness they fear Theatre of Tragedy 1998 Aegis Theatre Of Tragedy 2000 Musique Theatre Of Tragedy 2000 Inperspective Theatre Of Tragedy 2001 Closure: Live Theatre Of Tragedy 2002 Assembly Theatre of Tragedy 2003 Two Originals Thee Coronados Vs. The Hard Fingers Theory Of A Deadman 2002 Theory of a deadman Theory Of A Deadman 2005 Gasoline Therapy? 1992 Caucasian Psychosis Quarterstick Therapy? 1993 Nurse A&M Therapy? 1994 Troublegum A&M Therapy? 1995 Infernal Love A&M Therapy? 1998 Semi-Detached A&M Therapy? 2000 So Much for the Ten Year Plan: A Retrospective 1990-2000 Ark 21 Therapy? 2000 Suicide Pact: You First Ark 21 Therapy? 2001 Shameless Ark 21 Therapy? 2003 High Anxiety Spitfire Therapy? 2004 Never Apologize Never Explain Spitfire Therapy? DVD 2003 Scopophobia: Live in Concert Eagle Therion 1990 Of Darkness Century Media Therion 1991 Beyond Sanctorum Nuclear Blast America Therion 1993 Symphony Masses: Ho Drakon Ho Megas [Nuclear Blast] Nuclear Blast America Therion 1995 Lepaca Kliffoth Nuclear Blast Americ Therion 1997 A'arab Zaraq Lucid Dreaming Nuclear Blast Americ Therion 1997 Theli Nuclear Blast Americ Therion 1998 Vovin Nuclear Blast Americ Therion 1999 Crowning of Atlantis Digipack Therion 1999 Crowning of Atlantis Nuclear Blast America Therion 1999 Symphony Masses: Ho Drakon Ho Megas [Pavement] Pavement Therion 2000 Deggial Nuclear Blast America Therion 2000 Deggial (LTD) Therion 2001 Secret of the Runes Nuclear Blast Therion 2002 Live in Midgard Nuclear Blast Therion 2004 Lemuria Therion 2004 Lemuria/Sirius B Nuclear Blast America Therion 2004 Sirius B Therion 2006 Celebrator of becoming Therion DVD 2006 Celebrators of Becoming Limited Edition 6 PC They Might Be Giants 1986 They Might Be Giants Restless-Bar/None They Might Be Giants 1989 Lincoln Restless-Bar/None They Might Be Giants 1990 Flood Elektra They Might Be Giants 1992 Apollo 18 Elektra They Might Be Giants 1994 John Henry Elektra They Might Be Giants 1996 Factory Showroom Elektra They Might Be Giants 1998 Severe Tire Damage [live] Sum They Might Be Giants 1999 Long Tall Weekend They Might Be Records They Might Be Giants 1999 Live BMG Special Products They Might Be Giants 2001 Mink Car Restless They Might Be Giants 2002 No! Rounder They Might Be Giants 2004 The Spine Zoe They Might Be Giants 2005 Here Come the ABCs Disney Thievery Corporation 1997 Sounds from the Thievery Hi-Fi ESL Music Thievery Corporation 2000 The Mirror Conspiracy ESL Music Thievery Corporation 2001 Sounds from the Verve Hi-Fi Verve Thievery Corporation " 2001 Spliff Odyssey, Transcendence, 38.45 (A Thievery Number) " Thievery Corporation 2002 The Richest Man in Babylon ESL Music Thievery Corporation 2004 The Outernational Sound ESL Music Thievery Corporation 2005 The Cosmic Game ESL Music Thievery Corporation 2006 AOL Music DJ Sessions: Mixed by Thievery Corporation iNgrooves Thievery Corporation 1999 Abductions and Reconstructions ESL Music Thievery Corporation 1999 DJ-Kicks K7 Thievery Corporation 2000 Departures Media 2k Thievery Corporation 2004 Babylon Rewound ESL Music Thievery Corporation 2006 Versions Eighteenth Street Thin Lizzy 1971 Thin Lizzy Deram Thin Lizzy 1972 Shades of a Blue Orphanage Deram Thin Lizzy 1973 Vagabonds of the Western World Deram Thin Lizzy 1974 Night Life Mercury Thin Lizzy 1975 Fighting Mercury Thin Lizzy 1976 Jailbreak Mercury Thin Lizzy 1976 Johnny the Fox Mercury Thin Lizzy 1977 Bad Reputation Mercury Thin Lizzy 1978 Live and Dangerous Warner Bros. Thin Lizzy 1979 Black Rose: A Rock Legend Warner Bros. Thin Lizzy 1980 Chinatown Warner Bros. Thin Lizzy 1981 Renegade Warner Bros. Thin Lizzy 1983 Thunder and Lightning Warner Bros. Thin Lizzy 1999 Boys Are Back in Town: Live in Australia Nippon Crown Thin Lizzy 2000 One Night Only [live] CMC International Thin Lizzy 1984 Lizzy Lives! (1976-1984) Thin Lizzy 2006 The Rocker: A Portrait of Philip Lynott [DVD] Thin Lizzy 2004 Gretest Hits Thin Lizzy DVD 2006 Live and Dangerous [DVD] Thin Lizzy DVD 2006 Live and Dangerous [DVD] Classic Rock Legends Thindersticks 1993 Tindersticks Bar/None Thindersticks 1995 Tindersticks [II] Polygram Thindersticks 2003 Waiting for the Moon Beggars Banquet Thindersticks 2001 Trouble Every Day Beggars Banquet Thindersticks 2001 Can Our Love... Beggars Banquet Thindersticks 1999 Simple Pleasure Quicksilver/Island Thindersticks 1997 Curtains London/PGD Thindersticks 1996 Nenette Et Boni This Way Up Thindersticks 1995 Bloomsbury Theatre [live] This Way Up Thindersticks 2004 Bareback Beggars Banquet Thine Eyes Bleed 2006 In the Wake of Separation [Bonus Track] Third Eye Blind 1997 Third Eye Blind Elektra Third Eye Blind 1999 Blue Elektra Third Eye Blind 2003 Out of the Vein Elektra Third Eye Blind 2003 Out of the vein (bonus DVD) Third Eye Blind 4 Third World 1975 Third World [RCA] RCA Third World 1976 Third World [Island] Island Third World 1977 96° in the Shade Mango Third World 1978 Journey to Addis Island Third World 1979 The Story's Been Told Island Third World 1980 Rise in Harmony Island Third World 1980 Prisoner in the Street Island Third World 1981 Rock the World Columbia Third World 1982 You've Got the Power Columbia Third World 1983 All the Way Strong CBS Third World 1985 Sense of Purpose CBS Third World 1985 Reggae Greats Mango Third World 1987 Hold on to Love CBS Third World 1989 Serious Business Mercury Third World 1991 It's the Same Old Song Mercury Third World 1992 Committed Mercury Third World 1995 Live It Up Third World Third World 1999 Arise In Harmony Polygram Third World 1999 Generation Coming Gator Third World 2001 Live Beatville Third World 2003 25th Anniversary [Bonus Tracks] E Squared Third World 2003 Ain't Givin' Up Shanachie Third World 2004 96° in the Shade [Bonus Tracks] Hip-O Select Third World 2005 Reggae Ambassador Mercury Third World 2005 Black Gold & Green Shanachie Third World 2004 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Third World Third World 2001 Ultimate Collection Third World DVD 2005 Music Hall in Concert [DVD] Thirteen Senses 2005 The invitation This Mortal Coil 1986 Filigree & Shadow 4AD/Ada This Mortal Coil 1991 Blood 4AD/Warner Bros. This Mortal Coil 1984 It'll End in Tears 4AD This Mortal Coil 1989 This Mortal Coil Alex This Mortal Coil 1993 1983-1991 4AD "Thompson, Richard" The old kit bag Thorn / Emperor Thorns vs Emperor Those Endless Eyes Awaits behind Thou Art Lord DV8 Throne Of Chaos 2004 Loss Angeles Inside Out Music Throne Of Chaos 2002 Pervertigo Spinefarm Records Throne Of Chaos 2000 Menace and Prayer Thrones Of Dawn Quicksilver clouds Throwning Muses University Thunder They think it's all Thunderstone 2002 Thunderstone Nuclear Blast America Thunderstone 2004 Burning Nuclear Blast America Thunderstone 2005 Tools of Destruction Nuclear Blast America Thy Infernal Warriors of hell Tiamat 1990 Sumerian Cry (CLE) Tiamat 1991 Astral Sleep (CEN) Tiamat 1994 Clouds (CEN) Tiamat 1994 Sleeping Beauty : Live in Israel (CEN) Tiamat 1994 Wildhoney/Gaia (CEN) Tiamat 1997 A Deeper Kind of Slumber (CEN) Tiamat 1999 Skeleton Skeletron (CEN) Tiamat 1999 Skeletor skeletron Tiamat 2002 Judas Christ (CEN) Tiamat 2004 Prey (CEN) Tiamat 2004 Prey (Digipack) (Scarecrow) Tiamat DVD 2006 Church of Tiamat [DVD] Tidfall Instinct gate Tierra Tierra a la vista Tierra Santa DVD 2002 Legendario Locomotive Music Tierra Santa DVD 2004 Cuando la Tierra Toca el Cielo Locomotive Music Tierra Santa DVD 2006 Rumbo a Las Estrellas [live] Locomotive Tierra Santa DVD 2004 Las Mil y Una Noches [DVD] Locomotive Music Tierra Santa                        1999 Peine Aries Music Tierra Santa                        2002 Medieval Locomotive Music Tierra Santa                        2002 Sangre de Reys Locomotive Music Tierra Santa                        2002 Tierras de Leyenda Locomotive Music Tierra Santa                        2003 Indomable Locomotive Music Tierra Santa                        2004 Dangra de Reyes Locomotive Music Tierra Santa                        2004 Las Mil y Una Noches [live] Locomotive Music Tierra Santa                        2005 Apocalipsis Locomotive Music Tiger Army 2001 II: Power of Moonlite Epitaph Tiger Army 2004 Tiger Army III: Ghost Tigers Rise Hellcat Tiger Army 1999 Tiger Army Epitaph Tiger Army 2002 The Early Years Epitaph Tiger Army 2004 Ghost Tigers Rise [EP] Epitaph Tigertailz 2003 Original Sin Import Tigertailz 2005 Berzerk Castle Us Tigertailz 2005 Banzai Castle Tigertailz 2005 Young and Crazy Combat Tigres Voladores Indios we trust Tigres Voladores Sucksexyfullydone Tigres Voladores Tigres Voladores Tiles Presents of Mind Tilt 1993 Play Cell Lookout Tilt 1995 'Til It Kills Fat Wreck Chords Tilt 1995 Tribute to the Pogues Celtic Circle Tilt 1998 Collect 'Em All Fat Wreck Chords Tilt 1999 Viewers Like You Fat Wreck Chords Tilt 2001 Been Where? Did What? Time Machine Act ll Galileo Time Machine Eternity ends Time Machine Project:time scanning Time Machine Shades of Time Time Machine Shades of Time LTD Time Requiem Time Requiem "Timmons, Andy" The spoken & the unspoken Timmy O Tool No Soy Yo Timmy O Tool Confusion rock Timo Maas Music for the maases 2 Timo Maas Loud Tímpano Nunca usamos niebla Tin Star Dirty bird Tin Star The thrill kisser Tindersticks 1993 Tindersticks Bar/None Tindersticks 1995 Bloomsbury Theatre [live] This Way Up Tindersticks 1995 Tindersticks [II] Polygram Tindersticks 1996 Nenette Et Boni This Way Up Tindersticks 1997 Curtains London/PGD Tindersticks 1999 Simple Pleasure Quicksilver/Island Tindersticks 2001 Can Our Love... Beggars Banquet Tindersticks 2001 Trouble Every Day Beggars Banquet Tindersticks 2003 Waiting for the Moon Beggars Banquet Tindersticks 1998 Donkeys 92-97 London Tindersticks 2005 Working for the Man: The Greatest Hits Koch Tindersticks 2004 Working for the Man: The Island Years Universal Tindersticks DVD 2004 Bareback Beggars Banquet "Tipitos, Los" Cocrouchis "Tipitos, Los" Contra los molinos "Tipitos, Los" Quién va a garpar todo eso? Vol 2 "Tipitos, Los" Vintage "Tipitos, Los" Armando camaleón "Tipitos, Los " 2006 Tipitorex (CD+DVD) "Tipitos, Los " 2006 Tipitorex "Tipitos, Los DVD" 2006 Tipitorex (DVD) "Tipton, Glenn" 2006 Baptizm of fire "Tipton, Glenn" 2006 Edge of the world Tiro de Gracia Decisión Tiro de Gracia Ser humano Tiro de Gracia SueĄos Tiro De Gracia Impacto certero "Tisness, The" The future sound of London Titan Force All what it is TLC Mulato & the hits To Die For 2002 Jaded (NBA) To Die For 2001 Epilogue (NBA) To My Surpise To My Surpise Toadies Rubberneck Tocando Ramones Varios Todo por ahora Pro-creando Todos Somos Ramones Un homenaje - a hommage Varios (2CD) Todos Tus Muertos Dale aborigen Todos Tus Muertos El Camino Real Todos Tus Muertos Nena de Hiroshima Todos Tus Muertos Subversiones Todos Tus Muertos Todos tus muertos "Tolkien Song Cycle, The" Volume II "Tolkki, Timo" 2003 Classical variations and themes "Tolkki, Timo" 2002 Hymn to life Tomalo Goodbites (hard rock) Tomo lo que encuentro- 19 versiones de Virus Varios Tones On Tail Every things Tones On Tail Night music Tony 70 Tony 70 Tony Iommi/Glenn Hughes Dep Sessions 96 Tony Iommi/Glenn Hughes Dep Sessions 96 Too Gangsta For Radio / Various Too Gangsta For Radio / Various Tool 1992 Opiate Tool Salival (Box) (CD & DVD) Tool Salival (Box) (CD & VHS) Tool 1993 Undertow Zoo Tool 1996 ĺnima Volcano Tool 2001 Lateralus Volcano Tool 2006 10.000 Years Tool DVD 2005 Parabola (DVD) Tool DVD 2005 Schism (DVD) Toots And Maytals True love Topos Nada que hacer Topos Demo punk rock Torcaza Torcaza Torch Torch Torch Torch 2 Torch Torch 3 Torch Torch 4 Toreros Muertos 30 AĄos de Exitos "Tormentos, The" GO! "Tormentos, The" Grab your Board Torniquet Where moth and rust destroy "Torre, La" Solo quiero rock n' roll Torture Squad The unholly spell Tosca Souvenirs "Tosh, Peter" 1976 Legalize It Columbia "Tosh, Peter" 1977 Equal Rights Columbia "Tosh, Peter" 1978 Bush Doctor Trojan "Tosh, Peter" 1979 Island Zorro Excitable Recordworks "Tosh, Peter" 1979 Mystic Man Trojan "Tosh, Peter" 1981 Wanted Dread & Alive EMI America "Tosh, Peter" 1983 Mama Africa EMI America "Tosh, Peter" 1984 Captured Live EMI America "Tosh, Peter" 1987 No Nuclear War EMI America "Tosh, Peter" 1988 The Toughest [Capitol] CAPITOL "Tosh, Peter" 1997 Negril House Of Reggae "Tosh, Peter" 2000 Live at the One Love Peace Concert Jad "Tosh, Peter" 2001 Live & Dangerous Boston 1976 Columbia/Legacy "Tosh, Peter" 2002 Complete Captured Live Capitol "Tosh, Peter" 2002 Peter Tosh Live at the Jamaican Music Fest 1982 Jad "Tosh, Peter" 2004 Can't Blame the Youth Jad "Tosh, Peter" 2004 The Toughest [Heartbeat] Heartbeat "Tosh, Peter" 2000 Arise Black Man Trojan "Tosh, Peter" 2001 Les Versions Originales Sony Music Media "Tosh, Peter" 2001 I Am That I Am Jad "Tosh, Peter" 2001 Stand Up Sony Special Products "Tosh, Peter" 2001 Super Hits Sony "Tosh, Peter" 2001 The Best of Peter Tosh: Arise Music Club "Tosh, Peter" 2003 Best of Peter Tosh 1978-1987 EMI/Capitol "Tosh, Peter" 2003 The Essential Peter Tosh: The Columbia Years Sony "Tosh, Peter" 2004 Essential (Red Gold and Green) EMI "Tosh, Peter" 2004 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Peter Tosh Hip-O "Tosh, Peter" 2004 In My Song Simply the Best "Tosh, Peter" 2004 Legalize Columbia "Tosh, Peter" 2005 Black Dignity: Early Works of the Steppin' Razor Trojan US "Tosh, Peter" 2005 Talking Revolution Pressure Sounds "Tosh, Peter DVD" 2002 Stepping Razor Red X [Video/DVD] MVD "Tosh, Peter DVD" 2002 Captured Live [DVD] EMI Total Chaos 1994 Pledge of Defiance Epitaph Total Chaos 1995 Patriotic Shock Epitaph Total Chaos 1996 Anthems from the Alleyway Epitaph Total Chaos 1999 In God We Kill Cleopatra Total Chaos 2001 Punk Invasion SOSa Total Chaos 2003 Tha Old Fashion Way Hardhat Productions Total Chaos 2005 Freedom Kills SOS Totten Korps Our almighty lord Totus Toss Inflamable alma Touch & Go I find you very attr Touch & Go Would you? Tourniquet Microscopic view of a telescopic Toy Dolls 1983 Dig That Groove Baby Rre Toy Dolls 1985 A Far Out Disc Trojan Toy Dolls 1989 Wakey Wakey Trojan Toy Dolls 1990 High Spirits Toys Factory Toy Dolls 1990 22 Tunes from Tokyo [live] Trojan Toy Dolls 1991 Fat Bob's Feet Trojan Toy Dolls 1992 Idle Gossip Trojan Toy Dolls 1993 Absurd-Ditties Receiver Toy Dolls 1994 Bare Faced Cheek Castle Toy Dolls 1997 One More Megabyte Rotten Toy Dolls 1999 On Stage in Stuttgart [live] Receiver Toy Dolls 2000 Anniversary Anthems Receiver Toy Dolls 2000 Livin' la Vida Loca receiver Toy Dolls 2005 Our Last Album? SOS Toy Dolls 1992 Singles 83/84 Receiver Toy Dolls 1994 Ten Years of Toys Receiver Toy Dolls 1995 Collection Castle Toy Dolls 1995 Receiver Years [box] Receiver Toy Dolls 1997 The History 1979-1996 Receiver Toy Dolls " 1998 History, Vol. 2 Receiver " Toy Dolls 1999 The Wonderful World of the Toy Dolls Cleopatra Toy Dolls 2002 Anthology Castle Toy Dolls 2002 Covered in Toy Dolls Captain Oi! Toy Dolls 2002 We're Mad!: The Anthology Castle Toy Dolls 2005 Cheerio and Toodletip!: Complete Singles Castle Music UK Toy Dolls DVD 2002 We're Mad/Idle Gossip Cherry Red Toy Dolls DVD 2006 Our Last DVD? [DVD] Music Video Distributors Toy Shop Party up Trabajo Sucio Rocanrol Trabajo Sucio Lleva tu nombre Trail of Tears A new dimension of might (Dpack) Trail of Tears Profaundemonium Trail Of Tears Free fallsinto fear Traksion Laberinto "Trampas de Lily, Las" Las Trampas de Lily "Trampas De Lily, Las" La calle que brilla Transatlantic 2001 Bridge Across Forever Metal Blade Transatlantic 2000 SMPTe Metal Blade Transatlantic 2002 Live in America Inside Out Music Transatlantic 2003 Live in Europe Metal Blade Transatlantic DVD 2003 Live in Europe DVD Transatlantic      2003 Live in Europe  2 CDS + 2 DVDS Transmundial Transmundial Transplants 2002 Transplants Epitaph Transplants 2005 Haunted Cities La Salle Transplants 2005 Haunted Cities [Chopped & Screwed] Atlantic Travesti Las tinieblas del romance Travis 2003 12 memories Travis 2001 The invisible Band Travis 1999 The man who Travis 1997 Good feeling Travis 2004 Singles Travis DVD 2004 Singles DVD Travis DVD 2004 Travis at the Palace DVD Travis DVD 2002 More rhan us: Live in Glasgow DVD Tremor Landing Tren Loco Carne Viva Tren Loco No me importa Tren Loco Ruta 197 Tren Loco Vivo en la Gran Ciudad Tren Loco Pampa del infierno Tren Loco Tempestades Tren Loco Vivo en la gran ciudad Tren Loco Vivo en la gran ciudad 2 Tres De Corazón Cien por Ciento "Tri, El" 1987 Nino Sin Amor LATINA "Tri, El" 1987 El Nino Sin Amor Wea Latina "Tri, El" 1987 Hecho En Mexico WEA Latina "Tri, El" 1987 Simplemente WEA Latina "Tri, El" 1988 Octra Tocada Mas LATINA "Tri, El" 1989 21 Anos Despues WEA "Tri, El" 1989 En Vivo En La Carcel De Santa Martha LATINA "Tri, El" 1990 Una Leyenda Viva Llamada El Tri WEA Latina "Tri, El" 1991 En El Hollywood Palladium WEA Latina "Tri, El" 1992 En Vivo Y a Todo Calor En El Hollywood Palladium WEA "Tri, El" 1992 25 Anos Wea Latina "Tri, El" 1993 Indocumentado WEA Latina "Tri, El" 1995 Un Cuarto De Siglo WEA Latina "Tri, El" 1995 Una Rola Para Los Minusvalidos WEA Latina "Tri, El" 1996 Hoyos En La Bolsa WEA Latina "Tri, El" 1997 Cuando Tu No Estas WEA International "Tri, El" 1998 Fin de Siglo WEA International "Tri, El" 1999 Sinfonico WEA International "Tri, El" 2000 No Podemos Volar WEA International "Tri, El" " 2001 Sinfonico, Vol. 2 WEA International " "Tri, El" 2002 No Te Olvides de la Banda WEA International "Tri, El" 2004 MTV Unplugged [live] WEA International "Tri, El" 2005 Mas Alla del Bien y el Mal Fonovisa "Tri, El" 2001 Lo Esencial de el Tri 90's WEA International "Tri, El" 2003 Super Seis WEA International "Tri, El" 2003 Los Numero Uno 1968-2003 WEA International "Tri, El" 2004 35 Anos [live] WEA International "Tri, El" 2004 35 Anos: En Vivo Desde el Auditorio Nacional [live] WEA "Tri, El" 2006 Lo Mejor de el Tri Warner Music Latina "Tri, El DVD" 1999 Sinfonico [Video/DVD] WEA International "Tri, El DVD" 2003 Exitos en Video WEA International "Tri, El DVD" 2004 35 Anos [DVD] [live] WEA International "Tri, El DVD" 2004 MTV Unplugged [DVD] [live] WEA "Tri, El DVD" 2006 Lo Mejor de el Tri [DVD] Wea Latina "Tri, El DVD" 2006 Lo Mejor de el Tri [CD & DVD] Wea Latina "Tribu Herman, la" Cover up Tribute To Destruction Tribute To Destruction Tribute To Dire Straits Tribute To Dire Straits Tribute to Dream Theater Tribute to Dream Theater Tribute to Exploited Tribute to Exploited Tribute to Ian Dury Various Artists Tribute To Mayhem Tribute To Mayhem Tribute To The Beast Various Artists Tribute To The Prodigy Tribute To The Prodigy Tribute to the Scorpions / Various Tribute to the Scorpions / Various Tribute To Tupac Various Artist Tribute to Van Halen Varios Tributo a Bob Marley Varios Tributo a Charly Garcia Cerca de la Revolución Varios Tributo a Depeche Mode Varios Tributo a La Polla 29 versiones a La Polla Tributo a los Reyes del metal Varios Tributo a Rata Blanca La leyenda continúa (Varios) Tributo a Sandro Varios Tributo a V8 No se rindan Tribuzy Execution Tricky 1995 Maxinquaye Island Tricky 2003 Back to Mine Back to Mine Tricky 2001 BlowBack Hollywood Tricky 1999 Juxtapose Island Tricky 1998 Angels With Dirty Faces Island Tricky 1996 Pre-Millennium Tension 4th & Broadway Tricky 1996 Nearly God Island Tricky 2003 Vulnerable Sanctuary Tricky 2001 Mission Accomplished Epitaph Tricky 2002 A Ruff Guide Universal Tricky DVD 2002 A Ruff Guide [Video/DVD] Universal Trigger Milenio 3 Trineo Trineo Trío Fattoruso En vivo Trio Guitarra Guitarra y tango Tristania 1997 Tristania Napalm Tristania 1998 Widow's Weeds Napalm Tristania 1999 Beyond the Veil Napalm /spv Tristania 2001 Midwintertears/Angina Napalm /SPV Tristania 2001 World of Glass Napalm/SPV Tristania 2001 World of Glass Napalm/SPV Tristania 2005 Ashes Steamhammer/SPV Tristania 2005 Midwintertears [Bonus DVD] Napalm Tristania DVD 2000 Widow's Tour Napalm /spv Triumvirat 1972 Mediterranean Tales (Across the Water) Import Triumvirat 1974 Illusions on a Double Dimple Harvest Triumvirat 1975 Spartacus Capitol Triumvirat 1976 Old Loves Die Hard Capitol Triumvirat 1977 Pompeii Capitol Triumvirat 1978 A La Carte Capitol Triumvirat 1996 Triumvirat GNP Crescendo Triumvirat 2002 Russian Roulette EMI "Troggs, The DVD " Live and wild in Preston (DVD) "Trolas, Las" Las Trolas Trotsky Yo no fui Trujaman Sensacionales chicos muertos Trujamán Un segundo antes de ayer Tsol Dance with me Tu Hormona Donde estan las llaves Tuff Religious Fix "Túnel, El" Apto para instalaciones Tura Satana All is not Well Tura Satana Rellef Through Release Turbo Negro 1992 Hot Cars and Spent Contraceptives Bitzcore Turbo Negro 1994 Never Is Forever Bitzcore Turbo Negro 1997 Ass Cobra Sympathy for the Record Industry Turbo Negro 1999 Apocalypse Dudes Sympathy for the Record Industry Turbo Negro 2000 Darkness Forever! Between the Lines in Hamburg and Oslo! [live] Bitzcore Turbo Negro 2003 Scandinavian Leather Epitaph Turbo Negro 2005 Party Animals Burning Heart Turbo Negro 2003 Scandinavian leather Turbo Negro "2006 Small Feces, Vol. 1 (Remixes) Bitzcore " Turbo Negro 2003 The Movie Bitzcore Turbo Negro 2005 The Reserection Turbojugend Turf Turf show Turf Para mi para vos Turf Reversiones - Para mi para vos "Turilli, Luca" 1999 Ancient Forest of Elves LMP "Turilli, Luca" 1999 King of the Nordic Twilight LMP "Turilli, Luca" 1999 King of the Nordic Twilight Nems "Turilli, Luca" 2002 Demonheart Limb Music Products "Turilli, Luca" 2002 Prophet of the Last Eclipse Limb Music Products Turisas Battle Metal Tus Hermosos Anatomia de Melancolia "Twain, Eileen Shaniam" The complete limelig Twelfth of Never Things that were Twelfth of never Things that were Twilightning 2002 Delirium veil Twilightning 2004 Plague-house Puppet Show Twinemen Twinemem Twist Of Marley: A Tribute Various Artists Twisted Sister 1992 Big Hits and Nasty Cuts: The Best of Twisted Sister Atlantic Twisted Sister 1982 Ruff Cutts Secret Twisted Sister 1982 Under the Blade Secret Twisted Sister 1983 You Can't Stop Rock & Roll Atlantic Twisted Sister 1984 Stay Hungry Atlantic Twisted Sister 1985 Come Out and Play Atlantic Twisted Sister 1987 Love Is for Suckers Atlantic Twisted Sister 1994 Live at Hammersmith CMC Twisted Sister "1999 Club Daze: The Studio Sessions, Vol. 1 Spitfire " Twisted Sister 1999 Under the Blade [WEA International] Wea International Twisted Sister 1999 Early Works Spitfire Twisted Sister 1999 We're Not Gonna Take It BMG Special Products Twisted Sister "2001 Never Say Never: Club Daze, Vol. 2 Spitfire " Twisted Sister 2002 Noble Savage Recall Twisted Sister 2002 The Essentials Warner Strategic Twisted Sister 2003 We're Not Gonna Take It and Other Hits Rhino Flashback Twisted Sister 2004 Still Hungry Spitfire Tygers of Pan Tang DVD After dark (DVD) Type O Negative 1991 Slow Deep and Hard Roadrunner Type O Negative 1991 Slow Deep and Hard Roadrunner (USA) Type Or Negative 1992 The Origin of the Feces Roadrunner Type Or Negative 1993 Bloody Kisses Roadrunner Type Or Negative 1996 October Rust Roadrunner Type Or Negative 1999 World Coming Down Roadrunner Type Or Negative 2000 The least worst of Type O Negative Type Or Negative 2000 The least worst of Type O Negative (Dpack) Type Or Negative 2003 Life Is Killing Me Roadrunner Type Or Negative DVD 1998 Nosferatu (DVD) Type Or Negative DVD 2006 Symphony for the devil (DVD)