Artista Titulo Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs Artista Titulo Precio_Venta Estilo Sello Formato Cont_int Obs "Caballeros de la Quema, Los" En vivo en Obras (2 CD) "Caballeros de la Quema, Los" Fulanos de nadie (Bonus Tracks) "Caballeros de la Quema, Los" La paciencia de la ara¤a "Caballeros de la Quema, Los" Manos vacias "Caballeros de la Quema, Los" Sangrado "Caballeros de la Quema, Los" Perros perros Cabeza de Martillo Cr˘nicas del Dolor Cabezones Alas Cabezones Eclipse (sol) Cabezones Jardˇn de extremidades Cadaveria Far away from conformity Cadena Perpetua Buscando salidas Cadena Perpetua Cadena Perpetua Cadena Perpetua Largas Noches Cadena Perpetua Malas costumbres Cadena Perpetua Un plan simple Caf‚ Tacuba 1992 Caf‚ Tacuba Caf‚ Tacuba 1994 Re Caf‚ Tacuba 1996 Avalancha de Exitos Caf‚ Tacuba 1999 Reves / Yosoy Caf‚ Tacuba 2001 Best Of. Tiempo transcurrido Caf‚ Tacuba 2002 Vale Callampa Caf‚ Tacuba 2003 Cuatro caminos Caf‚ Tacuba "2005 Un Viaje (DELUXE* CD1, CD2, CD3 + DVD)" Caf‚ Tacuba 2005 Un viaje 1 Caf‚ Tacuba 2005 Un viaje 2 Caf‚ Tacuba 2005 Unplugged Caf‚ Tacuba DVD 2005 Un viaje (DVD) Caf‚ Tacuba DVD 2005 Unplugged (DVD) "Cafres, Los" Espejitos "Cafres, Los" Frecuencia Cafre "Cafres, Los" Instinto "Cafres, Los" Qui‚n da m s? "Cafres, Los" Suena La Alarma "Cafres, Los" Instinto dub "Cafres, Los " Vivo a lo cafre (2 CD) Cake Comfort Eagle Cake Motorcade Of Cake Prolonging Calamaro / Enanitos Verdes Obras cumbres (2 CD) "Calamaro, Andr‚s" Acto simple "Calamaro, Andr‚s" Alta suciedad "Calamaro, Andr‚s" Andres Calamaro "Calamaro, Andr‚s" Completo "Calamaro, Andr‚s" Duetos "Calamaro, Andr‚s" El album "Calamaro, Andr‚s" El cantante "Calamaro, Andr‚s" El regreso "Calamaro, Andr‚s" El salmon "Calamaro, Andr‚s" El salmon (Box 5 CD) "Calamaro, Andr‚s" Grabaciones encontradas 1 "Calamaro, Andr‚s" Grabaciones encontradas 2 "Calamaro, Andr‚s" Honestidad brutal (2 CD) "Calamaro, Andr‚s" Hotel Calamaro "Calamaro, Andr‚s" "Ineditos, rarezas + Canciones (Box 3 CD)" "Calamaro, Andr‚s" La historia de un idolo 4 "Calamaro, Andr‚s" Lo mejor de "Calamaro, Andr‚s" Nadie sale vivo de aquˇ "Calamaro, Andr‚s" No me pidas "Calamaro, Andr‚s" Oro "Calamaro, Andr‚s" Por mirarte "Calamaro, Andr‚s" Vida cruel "Calamaro, Andr‚s" Tinta roja "Calamaro, Javier" De corazones "Calamaro, Javier" Iluminado "Calamaro, Javier" Kimika "Calamaro, Javier" Lo mejor "Calamaro, Javier" Quitapenas "Calaveralma, Flavio" El marplatense "Cale, J.J." JJ Cale Live "Calzones, Los" Frecuencia extrema "Calzones, Los" Mugre "Calzones, Los" Pl stico Calle 13 Calle 13 Callejeros Presi˘n Callejeros Rocanrolles sin destino Callejeros Sed "Calling, The" Camino Palmero "Calling, The" II Calloway The he - de ho man "Cameron, Ruth" Roadhouse "Camorra, Luciano" Subido al pony "Camorra, Luciano" Puntero Camper Van Beethoven Tusk "Canale, Esteban" Rock Canciones Pop Artistas Varios Candlebox Happy Pills Candlebox Lucy Candlemass Candlemass Candlemass Dactylis Glomerata Candyman Playtime's over Canned Heat 1967 Canned Heat [Liberty] Liberty Canned Heat 1968 Boogie With Canned Heat Liberty Canned Heat 1968 Hallelujah Liberty Canned Heat 1968 Living the Blues [Akarma] Liberty Canned Heat 1970 Live in Europe Liberty Canned Heat 1970 Future Blues BGO Canned Heat 1971 Collage Sunset Canned Heat 1971 Live at the Topanga Corral Wand Canned Heat 1971 Hooker 'n' Heat EMI Canned Heat 1973 Rollin' & Tumblin' Sunset Canned Heat 1973 New Age United Artists Canned Heat 1974 One More River to Cross Atlantic Canned Heat 1981 Captured Live Accord Canned Heat 1986 Infinite Boogie Rhino Canned Heat 1989 Reheated Varese Sarabande Canned Heat 1994 Burnin' Live Aim Canned Heat 1994 Internal Combustion River Road Canned Heat 1994 Live Griffin Canned Heat 1995 Live at Turku Rock Festival Bear Tracks Canned Heat 1996 Canned Heat Blues Band A&M Canned Heat 1996 Gamblin' Woman Mausoleum Canned Heat 1996 King Biscuit Flower Hour [live] King Biscuit Flower Canned Heat 1997 The Ties That Bind Archive Canned Heat 1998 Boogie Up the Country Inakustik Canned Heat 1999 Boogie 2000 Ruf Canned Heat 2000 Live at the Kaleidoscope 1969 Varese Sarabande Canned Heat 2001 Let's Work Together Goldies Canned Heat 2001 Recorded Live in Europe 1970 EMI Canned Heat 2002 Big Road Blues Prestige Elite Canned Heat 2002 Don't Forget to Boogie: Vintage Heat Varese Sarabande Canned Heat 2002 Historical Figures & Ancient Heads Bang On Canned Heat 2002 Live Concert 70 Beat Goes On Canned Heat 2002 Live in Oz Mystic Records Canned Heat 2003 Blues Band Mystic UK Canned Heat 2003 From the Front Row Live Silverline Canned Heat 2003 Friends in the Can Fuel 2000 Canned Heat 2003 Living the Blues [UK] Beat Goes On Canned Heat " 2004 Canned Heat 1969-1999: The Boogie House Tapes, Vol. 2 Ruf " Canned Heat 2005 Dimples Fruit Tree Canned Heat 2005 The Heat Brothers '84 ALA Canned Heat 2004 Goin' Up the Country [live] Disky Canned Heat 2005 The Best of Canned Heat [Liquid 8] Liquid 8 Canned Heat 2005 Then and Now: 40 Years of Boogie Fuel 2000 Canned Heat 2005 The Very Best of Canned Heat [Capitol] Capitol Canned Heat 2003 Greatest Hits Live King Biscuit (Emm) Canned Heat 2000 Canned Heat 1967-1976: The Boogie House Tapes Ruf Canned Heat 2003 Hallelujah/Canned Heat Cookbook Canned Heat 1997 On the road again Canned Heat 1994 Boogie Assault: Greatest Hits Live Canned Heat 2001 Far Out Canned Heat (EP DVD) 2003 Canned Heat (EP DVD) Cannibal Corpse 1990 Eaten Back to Life Metal Blade Cannibal Corpse 1991 Butchered at Birth Metal Blade Cannibal Corpse 1992 Tomb of the Mutilated Metal Blade Cannibal Corpse 1994 The Bleeding Metal Blade Cannibal Corpse 1996 Vile Metal Blade Cannibal Corpse 1998 Gallery of Suicide Metal Blade Cannibal Corpse 2000 Live Cannibalism Metal Blade Cannibal Corpse 1999 Bloodthirst Metal Blade Cannibal Corpse 2002 Gore Obsessed Metal Blade Cannibal Corpse 1998 Gallery of suicide (USA) Cannibal Corpse 2006 Kill Metal Blade Cannibal Corpse 2004 The Wretched Spawn Metal Blade Cannibal Corpse 2003 15 Year Killing Spree [CD & DVD] Metal Blade Cannibal Corpse 2004 The Wretched Spawn/Worm Infested Metal Blade Cannibal Corpse DVD Monolith of death tour 96/97 (DVD) Cans Beyond the gates "Cantilo, Fabiana" Algo mejor "Cantilo, Fabiana" Detectives "Cantilo, Fabiana" Golpes al vacio "Cantilo, Fabiana" Inconciente colectivo "Cantilo, Fabiana" Informaci˘n Celeste "Cantilo, Fabiana" Lo mejor de Fabiana Cantilo "Cantilo, Fabiana" Sol en cinco "Cantilo, Fabiana" Yo no creo en tu amor "Cantilo, Fabiana DVD" Inconsciente colectivo (DVD) "Cantilo, Miguel" Cl sicos "Cantilo, Miguel y Grupo Sur" Miguel Cantilo y Grupo Sur "Cantillo, Miguel" Canciones para una decada "Cantillo, Miguel" Sudam‚rica va "Cantrell, Jerry" Boggy Deport "Cantrell, Jerry" Degradation Trip Canu Corriente de aire Capitol K Island row Capleton Still blazin live (DVD) Capo Ferraro Area 64 Capo Ferraro Kompresoor Capo Ferraro La musica que va par Cap-One Through The Eyes Of A Don Capone-N-Noreaga Reunion Cappadonna Cappadonna Hits Cappadonna Yin & The Yang Capri Deformator plus plus Capri Mamma killer night Capricorn Capricorn Carajo Atrapasue¤os Carajo Carajo Carajo Electrorroto acustizado (CD + DVD) "Carambula, Gabriel" Fuego "Carambula, Gabriel" Solo buenos momentos "Carambula, Gabriel" Viviendo urgente Carballo Visiones/Reflexiones "Carballo, Celeste" Acustica "Carballo, Celeste" Chocolate ingles "Carballo, Celeste" Es la vida que me alcanza Carca A un millon de a¤os blues Carca Carca Carca Carca (Single) Carca Divino Carca Miss Universo Carca Sexcondiendo Carcass Heartwork Carcass 1988 Reek of putrefaction Carcass 1989 Symphonies of sickness Carcass 1991 Necrotism- Descarting the insalubrious Carcass 1992 Tools of the trade Carcass 1994 Heartwork Carcass 1996 Swansong Carcass 1996 Wake up and smell the carcass "Cardigans, The" 1994 Emmerdale "Cardigans, The" 1995 Life "Cardigans, The" 1996 First Band On The Moon "Cardigans, The" 1998 Gran Turismo "Cardigans, The" 2000 Forward / record (Live) "Cardigans, The" 2004 Long Gone Before Daylight "Cardigans, The" 2005 Super extra gravity "Carga, La" Juego De Manos "Carga, La" Salir a patear Carmen Este demo es pura vida Carmina Burana El sendero de los pajaritos primaverales Carmina Burana "Hermoso todo junto, difunto y podrido" Carnarium Constelaciones de r‚quiems Carne Para Cerdos Pain Manager Carnivore Carnivore Carnivore Retalliation Carola Damas negras Carolina Bossa Compilado 10 a¤os Caroline Now: Tribute to the Beach Boys Caroline Now: Tribute to the Beach Boys / Various "Carpenters, The" 1969 Ticket to ride "Carpenters, The" 1970 Close to you "Carpenters, The" 1971 Bless the Beats and The Children "Carpenters, The" 1971 The Carpenters "Carpenters, The" 1972 A song for you "Carpenters, The" 1973 Now & then "Carpenters, The" 1975 Horizon "Carpenters, The" 1975 Live in Japan "Carpenters, The" 1976 A king of Hush "Carpenters, The" 1977 Live at the Palladium "Carpenters, The" 1978 Chistmas portrait "Carpenters, The" 1981 Made in America "Carpenters, The" 1983 Voice of the heart "Carpenters, The" 1984 And old fashioned christmas "Carpenters, The" 2001 Singles 1969/1981 "Carpenters, The" 2003 22 Hits of "Carpenters, The" 2004 Their greatest hits "Carpenters, The" 2004 Please Mr. Postman "Carpenters, The DVD" 2002 Gold - Greatest hits (DVD) "Carpenters, The DVD" 2003 Gold (2 CD + DVD) "Carr, Eric" Rockology "Cars, The" Greatest Hits Cartoons Toonage "Casa Del Arbol, La" La casa del  rbol "Casady, Jack" Dream factor Cascote De paseo por la realidad "Casero, Alfredo" Alma de camion "Casero, Alfredo" Casaerius "Casero, Alfredo" Gestando la halibour "Casero, Alfredo" Hiperfinitis firulets "Casero, Alfredo" Shimauta "Cash, Johnny" The essential (2 CD) Cassius 1999 "Castel, Esteban" Cubos Cat Power The greatest Catamenia Eternal Winter?S Prophecy Catamenia Morning crimson Catapulta Catapulta Cataract 2006 Kingdom Cathedral 1991 Forest of equilibrium Cathedral 1992 Soul Sacrifice / Statik Magik Cathedral 1993 The ethereal mirror Cathedral 1995 The carnival bizarre Cathedral 1996 Hopkins Cathedral 1996 Supernatural birth machine Cathedral 1998 Caravan beyound redemption Cathedral 2001 Endytime Cathedral 2002 The viith coming Cathedral 2004 Sepent's gold Cathedral 2004 The Garden Of Unearlbly Delights Cattle Decapitation Humanure Cattle Decapitation To Serve man Catupecu Machu A Morir Catupecu Machu Cuadros dentro de cuadros Catupecu Machu Cuentos decapitados Catupecu Machu Dale! Catupecu Machu El nŁmero imperfecto "Caturla, Tom s" Space Cause & Effect Trip "Cave, Nick" Best of "Cave, Nick" Darkness "Cave, Nick" Muder Ballads "Cave, Nick & Bad Seeds, The" 1984 From her to eternity "Cave, Nick & Bad Seeds, The" 1985 The first born is dead "Cave, Nick & Bad Seeds, The" 1986 Kicking against the pricks "Cave, Nick & Bad Seeds, The" 1986 Your funeral my trial "Cave, Nick & Bad Seeds, The" 1988 Tender prey "Cave, Nick & Bad Seeds, The" 1990 The good son "Cave, Nick & Bad Seeds, The" 1992 Henry's dream "Cave, Nick & Bad Seeds, The" 1993 Live seeds "Cave, Nick & Bad Seeds, The" 1994 Let love in "Cave, Nick & Bad Seeds, The" 1996 Murder ballads "Cave, Nick & Bad Seeds, The" 1997 The boatman's call "Cave, Nick & Bad Seeds, The" 2001 No More Shall We Part "Cave, Nick & Bad Seeds, The" 2003 Nocturama "Cave,Nick / Harvey, Nick / Clayton" Ass Saw The Angel Cazadores Cazadores - cassette Celestito Visite Celestito Celesty Legacy of hate Celesty Reign of elements Celtic Frost 1985 To mega therion (Century Media) Celtic Frost 1987 Into the pandemonium (Century Media) Celtic Frost 1988 Cold lake Celtic Frost 1989 Vanity / Nemesis Celtic Frost 1990 Tragic serenades Celtic Frost 1997 Parched with thirst am I and ? (Century Media) Celtic Frost 2006 Monotheist Celtic Frost 2006 Monotheist [Bonus Track] Celtic Frost A290 1984 Morbid tales (Century Media) Centinela Spectro No m s cadenas Cerati / Melero Colores santos Cerati / Melero Colores Santos ( The Remixes) "Cerati, Gustavo" """+ Bien" "Cerati, Gustavo" 11 episodios sinf˘nicos "Cerati, Gustavo" Amor amarillo "Cerati, Gustavo" Bocanada "Cerati, Gustavo" Canciones elegidas (2 CD) "Cerati, Gustavo" Reversiones / Siempre es hoy (2 CD) "Cerati, Gustavo" Siempre es Hoy "Cerati, Gustavo" Ahˇ vamos Cerca de la Revolucion Tributo a Charlie Garcia Cerebral Fix Death Erotica "Cervi¤o, Mick" Ostinado "Cetera, Peter" Another perfect world "Cetera, Peter" One clear voice "Cetera, Peter" You're the inpiration "Cetera, Peter DVD" Live in Salt Lake City (DVD) "Cianciarulo, Flavio" Cachivache "Cianciarulo, Flavio" Sonidero "Cianciarulo, Flavio" Solo viejo y peludo (Reedici˘n) Cicatriz En Directo Cicatriz Inadaptados "Cides, Guilllermo" Bach: Tribute by cides "Cides, Guilllermo" El mundo Interior "Cides, Guilllermo" Primitivo Cielo Final Gritando al sol Cielo Final Hundido en el tiempo Cielo Final Miradas Cielo Razzo Buenas (Reedici˘n) Cielo Razzo Codigo de barras Cielo Razzo Marea Cienfuegos Cienfuegos Cienfuegos Hacia El Cosmos Cienfuegos Ns/Nc Cienfuegos Veinticincoseisdosmilcuatro Cigarro mojado Cigarro mojado Cinalli Quintino Cambio de planes "Cincotti, Peter" On the moon Cinderella 1986 Night songs Cinderella 1988 Long Cold Winter Cinderella 1990 Heartbreak Station Cinderella 1991 Live Greastest Hits Cinderella 1994 Still climbing Cinderella 1998 Bad Attitude: 1986-1994 Cinderella 2000 20th Century Masters: Millennium Collection Cinderella 2002 Winning Combinations Cinderella 2004 Live from The Gypsy Road Cinderella 2004 In Concert Cinderella 2005 Live Cine EP Cineplexx Electrocardiograma Cinerama Llegando al comienzo Circle II Circle Watching in silence Circle Jerks "Oddities,Abnormaliti" "Circle of Tyrants, The " The Circle of Tyrants Circus Brimstone (ex Flowers King) Brim Stoned In Europe Ciro MŁsica para el Cirrus Back On ... Cirrus Drop The Breack Citizen King Mobile estates City Rockers Rocanponx Clannad Fuaim Clannad In Concert Clannad The ultimate Collection Clapton / King 2000 Riding with the King Reprise "Clapton, Eric" 1970 Eric Clapton Polydor "Clapton, Eric" 1973 Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert [live] Polydor "Clapton, Eric" 1974 461 Ocean Boulevard Polydor "Clapton, Eric" 1975 E.C. Was Here [live] Polydor "Clapton, Eric" 1975 There's One in Every Crowd Polydor "Clapton, Eric" 1976 No Reason to Cry Polydor "Clapton, Eric" 1977 Slowhand Polydor "Clapton, Eric" 1978 Backless Polydor "Clapton, Eric" 1980 Just One Night [live] Polydor "Clapton, Eric" 1981 Another Ticket Polydor "Clapton, Eric" 1983 Money and Cigarettes Warner Bros. "Clapton, Eric" 1984 Too Much Monkey Business Astan "Clapton, Eric" 1985 Behind the Sun Warner Bros. "Clapton, Eric" 1986 August Warner Bros. "Clapton, Eric" 1989 Homeboy Virgin "Clapton, Eric" 1989 Journeyman Reprise "Clapton, Eric" 1990 Time pieces Vol. II "Clapton, Eric" 1991 24 Nights [live] Reprise "Clapton, Eric" 1992 Rush Reprise "Clapton, Eric" 1992 Unplugged [live] Reprise "Clapton, Eric" 1993 Stages [live] Karussell "Clapton, Eric" 1994 From the Cradle Reprise "Clapton, Eric" 1995 The cream of Eric Clapton "Clapton, Eric" 1997 Live in Montreux ITM "Clapton, Eric" 1998 Pilgrim Reprise "Clapton, Eric" 1999 Blues (2 CD) "Clapton, Eric" 2001 Reptile Reprise "Clapton, Eric" 2002 Eric Clapton Live Polydor "Clapton, Eric" "2002 One More Car, One More Rider [live] Warner Bros. " "Clapton, Eric" 2003 Ballads Japanese Import "Clapton, Eric" 2003 Hall of Fame Delta "Clapton, Eric" 2004 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Eric Clapton Polydor "Clapton, Eric" 2004 Beginnings [w/Rod Stewart] Fuel 2000 "Clapton, Eric" 2004 Chronicles: The best of "Clapton, Eric" 2004 Me and Mr. Johnson Warner Bros. "Clapton, Eric" 2004 Sesions for Robert J. "Clapton, Eric" 2004 She's So Respectable Rajon "Clapton, Eric" 2004 The Early Years Dynamic (Emp520) "Clapton, Eric" 2005 Back Home Reprise "Clapton, Eric" 2005 Guitar Boogie RCA "Clapton, Eric" Grandes exitos "Clapton, Eric" Time pieces "Clapton, Eric" 2006 Eric Clapton (2 CD) "Clapton, Eric DVD" 2001 July 1986 [live] (DVD) Import "Clapton, Eric DVD" 2004 Sessions for Robert J. [DVD & CD] Reprise "Clapton, Eric DVD" "2002 One More Car, One More Rider [DVD] [live] Warner Bros. " "Clapton, Eric DVD" 2004 Crossroads Guitar Festival [live] (DVD) Rhino Home Video "Clapton, Eric DVD" 2004 Sessions for Robert J. [CD & DVD] Reprise/Duck "Clarke, Gilby" 1995 Pawnshop Guitars Virgin "Clarke, Gilby" 1997 Hangover Paradigm "Clarke, Gilby" 1998 Rubber Pavement "Clarke, Gilby" 2000 '99 Live Perris "Clarke, Gilby" 2002 Swag Spitfire "Clarke, Stanley" "1, 2 To the bass" "Clarke, Stanley" I wanna play for you "Clarke, Stanley" This is jazz "Clarkes, kenny" Jazz in Paris - Plays Andre Hodeir "Clash, The" 1977 The Clash [UK] Epic "Clash, The" 1978 Give 'em Enough Rope Epic "Clash, The" 1979 The Clash [US] Epic "Clash, The" 1979 London Calling Epic "Clash, The" 1980 Black Market Clash Epic "Clash, The" 1980 Sandinista! Epic "Clash, The" 1981 Interchords Epic "Clash, The" 1982 Combat Rock Epic "Clash, The" 1982 The World According to the Clash Epic "Clash, The" 1985 Cut the Crap Epic/Legacy "Clash, The" "1988 Story of the Clash, Vol. 1 Epic/Legacy " "Clash, The" 1991 The Clash on Broadway Epic/Legacy "Clash, The" 1991 The Singles Epic/Legacy "Clash, The" 1994 Super Black Market Clash Epic/Legacy "Clash, The" 1999 From Here to Eternity: Live Sony "Clash, The" 2003 The Essential Clash Sony "Clash, The" 2003 The Ultimate Collection Sony/Epic "Clash, The" 2004 London Calling: 25th Anniversary Legacy Edition Epic/Legacy "Clash, The" 2004 Pearl Harbour '79 Sony "Clash, The" 2005 The Collection: The Clash/London Calling/Combat Rock [2005 Small Box] Sony "Clash, The" 2005 The Essential Plus [CD & DVD] Legacy "Clash, The DVD" 2002 Westway to the world (DVD) "Clash, The DVD" 2004 The Legacy Edition (CD + DVD) Clavos Sin Cabeza Yo soy otro tŁ Clawfinger 1994 Deaf Dumb Blind Metal Blade Clawfinger 1995 Use Your Brain MVG Records Clawfinger 1999 Clawfinger Music Cartel Clawfinger 2000 Two Sides Music Cartel Clawfinger 2002 Whole Lot of Nothing Japanese Import Clawfinger 2006 Hate Yourself with Style Nuclear Blast America "Claypool, Les " 2006 Of Whales and Woe Clientele Fading Summer "Cliff, Jimmy" 16 Grandes exitos "Cliff, Jimmy" Journey of a lifetime "Cliff, Jimmy" Siglo XXI Los exitos del siglo "Cliff, Jimmy" Super hits "Cliff, Jimmy" The EMI years 1973-1975 Clinch Clinch! Clinch Unico Round "Clinton, George" Computer Games "Clinton, George" Dope Dogs "Clinton, George" Greatest Hits "Clinton, George" The greatest funkin' hits Clones Safety Copy Cloud 9 Eye hear Club Astrolabio Odisea Efervescente Club Astrolabio Simplemente extraordinario Club de Guitarras Callejeras Club de Guitarras Callejeras "Club de Marilyn, El" Hecho en la sombra Clubland Adventures beyond Clubland "Clyro, Biffy" Blackened sky C-Murder Bossalinie C-Murder C-P-3.Com C-Murder Trapped in Crime Coal Chamber 1997 Coal Chamber Roadrunner Coal Chamber 1999 Chamber Music Roadrunner Coal Chamber 2002 Dark Days Roadrunner Coal Chamber 2003 Giving the Devil His Due Roadrunner Coal Chamber 2004 The best of Coal Chamber "Cobain, Kurt DVD" All Apologies (DVD) "Cobham, Billy" Spectrum "Cockburn, Bruce" Anything anytime anywhere "Cocker, Joe" 1974 I Can Stand a Little Rain A&M "Cocker, Joe" 1976 Live in L.A. Cube "Cocker, Joe" 1976 Stingray A&M "Cocker, Joe" 1982 Sheffield Steel Island "Cocker, Joe" 1984 Off the Record Sierra [UK] "Cocker, Joe" 1985 Greatest Hits [Platinum] Platinum "Cocker, Joe" 1987 Unchain My Heart Capitol "Cocker, Joe" 1989 One Night of Sin Capitol "Cocker, Joe" 1992 Night Calls Capitol "Cocker, Joe" 1994 Have a Little Faith 550 Music/Epic "Cocker, Joe" 1995 Cocker Capitol "Cocker, Joe" 1996 Organic 550 Music "Cocker, Joe" 1997 Across from Midnight CMC International "Cocker, Joe" 1999 Joe Cocker! (Remastered) A&M "Cocker, Joe" 1999 Mad Dogs & Englishmen (Remastered) A&M "Cocker, Joe" 1999 The Best of Joe Cocker [Mushroom] Mushroom "Cocker, Joe" 1999 The Very Best of Joe Cocker BR Music "Cocker, Joe" 1999 With a Little Help from My Friends (Remastered) A&M "Cocker, Joe" 2000 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Joe Cocker A&M "Cocker, Joe" 2000 No Ordinary World Red Ink "Cocker, Joe" 2000 Super Hits 550/Legacy "Cocker, Joe" 2000 Vance Arnold and the Avenge 1963 [live] Voiceprint "Cocker, Joe" 2002 Respect Yourself Red Ink "Cocker, Joe" 2003 Greatest Love Songs Hip-O "Cocker, Joe" 2003 Jamaica Say You Will A&M "Cocker, Joe" 2003 Singles BR Music "Cocker, Joe" 2004 Civilized Man Capitol "Cocker, Joe" 2004 Heart & Soul EMI "Cocker, Joe" 2004 Luxury You Can Afford A&M "Cocker, Joe" 2004 Ultimate Collection Hip-O/A&M "Cocker, Joe" Oro "Cocker, Joe DVD" 1993 Best of Joe Cocker: Live [Video] Laser Disc [UK] "Cocker, Joe DVD" 2005 Mad Dogs & Englishmen [2005 DVD] [live] A&M "Cocker, Joe DVD" 2005 Ohne filter - Musik pur (DVD) Cococ and The Bean Tales from the might Cocteau Twins 1982 Garlands 4AD Cocteau Twins 1983 Head Over Heels 4AD Cocteau Twins 1984 Treasure 4AD Cocteau Twins 1986 The Moon and the Melodies 4AD Cocteau Twins 1986 Victorialand 4AD Cocteau Twins 1988 Treasure/Aikea-Guinea Vertigo Cocteau Twins 1988 Blue Bell Knoll 4AD Cocteau Twins 1988 Head Over Heels/Sunburst and Snowblind 4AD/Beggars Banquet Cocteau Twins 1990 Heaven or Las Vegas 4AD Cocteau Twins 1991 CD Single Box Set Capitol Cocteau Twins 1993 Four-Calendar Cafe Capitol Cocteau Twins 1996 Milk & Kisses Capitol Cocteau Twins 1999 BBC Sessions [live] Rykodisc Cocteau Twins 2000 Stars and Topsoil: A Collection 1982-1990 4AD Cocteau Twins 2004 Tiny Dinamine Cocteau Twins 2005 Lullabies to Violaine: Singles and Extended Plays 4AD/ADA Cocteau Twins 2005 Peel Sessions Cochran / Vincent Back to back "Codigo Punk, compilado 14 bandas" Varios Cofradia de la Flor Solar La cofradia de la flor solar "Cohen, Leonard" Best Of (USA) "Cohen, Leonard" Dear Heather "Cohen, Leonard" More Best of (USA "Cohen, Leonard" Ten New Songs "Cohen, Leonard" The Essential (2 CD) "Cohen, Leonard " I'm Your Man "Cohn, Romina" Angel "Cohn, Romina" It's only gigolo but I Like it "Cohn, Romina" Romina Cohn Coiffeur Coiffeur Cold 13 Ways to Bleed On Stage Cold Cold Coldplay 2000 Parachutes Parlophone Coldplay 2002 A Rush of Blood to the Head Capitol Coldplay 2002 A Rush of Blood to the Head (CD+DVD) Capitol Coldplay 2003 Live 2003 Japanese Import Coldplay 2005 X&Y Capitol Cole Nat King Inolvidable "Colectivo De Juli n, El" Colegiales express "Colombo, Sergio" El natty combo Color Humano Color Humano (Reedici˘n) Color Humano Color Humano 2 (Reedici˘n) Color Humano Color Humano 3 (Reedici˘n) Colourbox Best of 82 / 87 "Coltrane, John" Ballads "Coltrane, John" Blue train "Coltrane, John" Coltrane for lovers "Coltrane, John" Giant steps "Coltrane, John" Impressions "Coltrane, John" The very best of "Coltrane, John" Trane's blues Collective Soul 1993 Hints Allegations and Things Left Unsaid [Rising Storm] Rising Storm Collective Soul 1995 Collective Soul Atlantic Collective Soul 1997 Disciplined Breakdown Atlantic Collective Soul 1999 Dosage Atlantic Collective Soul 2000 Blender Atlantic Collective Soul 2001 Seven Year Itch: Greatest Hits 1994-2001 Collective Soul 2004 Youth El Music Group Collective Soul 2005 From the Ground Up [EP] "Collins, Albert DVD" In concert (DVD) "Collins, Phil" Both sides "Collins, Phil" ...But seriously "Collins, Phil" A hot night in Paris "Collins, Phil" Dance into the light "Collins, Phil" Face value "Collins, Phil" "Hello, I must be going!" "Collins, Phil" Hits "Collins, Phil" Love songs: A compilation...old and "Collins, Phil" No jacket required "Collins, Phil" Seurios hits. Live! 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"Crook, Willy" Big bombo Mamma "Crook, Willy" Cruck "Crook, Willy" Eco "Crook, Willy" En vivo I "Crook, Willy" En vivo II "Crook, Willy" Fuego Amigo "Crook, Willy" Versiones "Crook, Willy & Funky Torinos" "Crook,Willy & Funky Torinos" Crosby Still & Nash Greatest Hits Crossroads Soundtrack Crosstown traffic Volviendo a casa "Crow, Sheryl" And friends. Live from Central Park "Crow, Sheryl" C'mon c'mon "Crow, Sheryl" Sheryl Crow "Crow, Sheryl" The glove sessions "Crow, Sheryl" The very best of "Crow, Sheryl" Tuesday night music club "Crow, Sheryl" Wildflower "Crow, Sheryl DVD" The videos / The very best (DVD) "Crow, Sheryl DVD" C'mon America 2003 (DVD) "Crow, Sheryl DVD" Live from London "Crow, Sheryl DVD" 2006 The very best of (DVD) Crow: Salvation O.S.T Crowbar 1992 Obedience Thru Suffering Grind Core Int. Crowbar 1993 Crowbar Zoo Crowbar 1995 Time Heals Nothing Pavement/Zoo Crowbar 1996 Broken Glass Pavement Crowbar 1998 Odd Fellows Rest Mayhem Crowbar 2000 Equilibrium Spitfire Crowbar 2001 Sonic Excess in Its Purest Form Spitfire Crowbar 2005 Lifesblood for the Downtrodden Candlelight Crowded House The very best of Crowed House Crowded House DD "Crown, The" Crowned terror "Crown, The" Possessed 13 - Deluxe edition Crucis Cronologˇa "Crudup, Arthur ""Big boy""" After hour Cruel Adicci˘n Resurgir Cruel Intentions / O.S.T. Cruel Intentions / O.S.T. Cryhavoc Pitch black blues Cryptopsy Blasphemy made flesh Cryptopsy No one so vile Crystal V-nus Crystal Eyes World of black and silver Cuarto Elemento Cuarto Elemento "Cuataia, Carlos" Sensaci˘n melanc˘lica Cuba Leap of faith Cubil Estados de inconciencia Cucsifae Acerca De Personas Cucsifae Brilla como un peque¤o ni¤@ Cucsifae Cucsifae Cucsifae Mobil Vision /Cucsifae Cucsifae Pirexia Cuchillagrande A mi Argentina (Invitados W. Meza y Claudio Marciello) Cuentos Borgeanos Fantasmas de lo nuevo Cuentos Borgeanos Misantropˇa Cuero Heavy Metal Culebra Cofrades del CrepŁsculo "Culpables de Todo, Los" Mas vale pajaro en mano Cult of Luna The beyound "Cult, The" 1984 Dreamtime Beggars Banquet "Cult, The" 1985 Love Beggars Banquet "Cult, The" 1987 Electric Beggars Banquet "Cult, The" 1989 Sonic Temple Beggars Banquet "Cult, The" 1991 Ceremony Beggars Banquet "Cult, The" "1993 Pure Cult: The Best of the Cult (For Rockers, Ravers, Lovers & Sinners) Beggars Banquet " "Cult, The" 1994 The Cult Beggars Banquet "Cult, The" 2000 Painted on My Heart Polygram International "Cult, The" 2000 Best of Rare Cult Beggars Banquet "Cult, The" 2000 Pure Cult: The Singles 1984-1995 Beggars Banquet "Cult, The" 2001 Beyond Good and Evil Atlantic "Cult, The" 2002 Rare Cult: The Demo Sessions Beggars Banquet The Cult "2006 Instant Live: First Avenue - Minneapolis, MN, 3/15/06" The Cult "2006 Instant Live: House of Blues - Atlantic City, NJ, 3/25/06" The Cult "2006 Instant Live: Town Ballroom - Buffalo, NY, 3/21/06" The Cult "2006 Instant Live: Vic Theatre - Chicago, IL, 3/17/06" The Cult "2006 Instant Live: House of Blues - Cleveland, OH, 3/18/06" The Cult "2006 Instant Live: Hard Rock Hotel The Joint - Las Vegas, NV, 3/3/06" "Cult, The DVD" 1998 Pure Cult (DVD) "Cult, The DVD" 2002 Music without fear Cultura Prof‚tica Cultura en directo Culture Club 1982 Kissing to Be Clever Virgin Culture Club 1983 Colour by Numbers Virgin Culture Club 1984 Waking Up With the House on Fire Virgin Culture Club 1986 From Luxury to Heartache Virgin Culture Club 1998 The Best of Culture Club [Japanese Import] Import Culture Club 1999 Don't Mind If I Do Virgin Culture Club 1999 Greatest Moments: Best of Culture Club Import Culture Club 2005 River Sessions [live] River UK Culture Club 2005 Rock Breakout Years: 1983 Madacy Culture Club 2005 Culture Club 2005: Singles & Remixes [France] EMI Culture Club 2005 Greatest Hits Virgin Culture Club DVD 2005 Vh1 Story Tellers (DVD) Culture Club DVD 2005 Grandes Exitos (DVD) "Cullum, Jamie" Twenty somethings "Cure, The" 1979 Three Imaginary Boys Fiction "Cure, The" 1980 Boys Don't Cry Elektra "Cure, The" 1980 Seventeen Seconds Elektra "Cure, The" 1981 Faith Elektra "Cure, The" 1982 Pornography Elektra "Cure, The" 1984 Concert: The Cure Live Fiction "Cure, The" 1984 Japanese Whispers Sire "Cure, The" 1984 The Top Sire "Cure, The" 1985 The Head on the Door Elektra "Cure, The" 1986 Staring at the Sea: The Singles Elektra "Cure, The" "1987 Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me Elektra " "Cure, The" 1989 Disintegration Elektra "Cure, The" 1990 Integration Elektra "Cure, The" 1990 Mixed Up Elektra "Cure, The" 1990 17 seconds "Cure, The" 2004 End of the World (CD5) "Cure, The" 2005 Faith [Bonus CD] "Cure, The" 1991 Entreat [live] Fiction "Cure, The" 1992 Wish Elektra "Cure, The" 1993 Paris [live] Elektra "Cure, The" 1993 Show [live] Elektra "Cure, The" 1996 Wild Mood Swings Fiction/Elektra "Cure, The" 1997 Galore The singles (1987/1997) "Cure, The" 2000 Bloodflowers Fiction/EastWest "Cure, The" 2001 Greatest Hits Elektra/Asylum "Cure, The" 2001 Greatest Hits [Bonus CD] Elektra/Asylum "Cure, The" 2004 Greatest Hits [Bonus DVD] Universal/Fiction/Polydor "Cure, The" "2004 Join the Dots: B-Sides & Rarities, 1978-2001 Fiction/Elektra/Rhino " "Cure, The" 2004 The Cure Geffen "Cure, The " 2005 Seventeen Seconds [Bonus CD] "Cure, The " The singles "Cure, The DVD " 2003 Trilogy (DVD) Cursi Coraz˘n de hotel Custom 71 Brutalidad honorable Cyber - Jack Thr great red spot Cydonia The dark flower Cypress Hill 1991 Cypress Hill Ruffhouse Cypress Hill 1992 Ruff House Presents Cypress Hill & Tim Dog Sony Cypress Hill 1993 Black Sunday Ruffhouse Cypress Hill 1993 Black Sunday (Br) Ruffhouse Cypress Hill 1995 Cypress Hill III: Temples of Boom Ruffhouse Cypress Hill 1998 IV Ruffhouse Cypress Hill 1999 Los Grandes Exitos en Espanol Ruffhouse Cypress Hill 2000 Live at the Fillmore Sony Cypress Hill 2000 Live at the Fillmore (USA) Sony Cypress Hill 2000 Skull & Bones Columbia Cypress Hill 2000 Skull & Bones (USA) Columbia Cypress Hill 2001 Still Smokin' [Video/DVD] Sony Cypress Hill 2001 Stoned Raiders Sony Cypress Hill 2001 Stoned Raiders (USA) Sony Cypress Hill 2004 The Ultimate Video Collection Sony Cypress Hill 2004 Till Death Do Us Part Columbia Cypress Hill 2006 Cypress Hill Greatest Hits from the bong Chake De Casa al Trabajo? Chala Rasta 7ř Hijo Chala Rasta Cazador de brujas Chala Rasta Cintur˘n vac?o Chala Rasta Godwana "Chancha y los 20, La" 1999 "Chancha y los 20, La" La religi˘n del dinero Chancho en Piedra 2006 Chancho en Piedra Chancho en Piedra 2006 Desde el batiscafo Chancho en Piedra Marca Chancho Chancho Va Hombres plastilina Chandeen Bikes & Pyramids Chandeen (Century Media) Echoes Chandeen (Century Media) Shades by the leaves "Chango, Andy" Las fantasticas aventuras del Capital... "Chapman, Tracy" Crossroads "Chapman, Tracy" Let it Rain "Chapman, Tracy" Matters of the heart "Chapman, Tracy" New beginning "Chapman, Tracy" Telling stories "Chapman, Tracy" Tracy Chapman "Chapman, Tracy" Collection "Chapman, Tracy" Where you live "Charlatans, The" 1990 Some Friendly Beggars Banquet "Charlatans, The" 1992 Between 10th and 11th Beggars Banquet "Charlatans, The" 1994 Up to Our Hips Beggars Banquet "Charlatans, The" 1995 The Charlatans [UK] Beggars Banquet "Charlatans, The" 1997 Tellin' Stories MCA "Charlatans, The" 1998 Melting Pot Beggars Banquet "Charlatans, The" 1999 Other Stories Import "Charlatans, The" 1999 Us and Us Only MCA "Charlatans, The" 2001 Wonderland MCA "Charlatans, The" 2002 Live It Like You Love It Universal International "Charlatans, The" 2002 Songs From the Other Side Beggars Banquet "Charlatans, The" 2004 Up at the Lake Island "Charlatans, The DVD" 2002 Just Lookin' 1990-1997 Beggars Banquet "Charlatans UK, The " 2006 Live at Last "Charles, Ray" Friendship "Charles, Ray" Live Series Charlie 3 Desamor Charlie 3 EP Charlie Brown Lucero Charlie Brown My Own Garden Charon The dying daylight Chastain 1995 Sick Society Leviathan Chastain 1997 In Dementia Leviathan Chastain 2004 In an Outrage Leviathan Chastain 2004 7th & The Voice Leviathan Chastain 2004 The 7th and the Voice Leviathan Che Trˇo Barrio San Vicente Cheap Dream Tribute To Cheap Trick Cheap Trick 1977 In Color Epic/Legacy Cheap Trick 1978 Heaven Tonight Epic Cheap Trick 1979 Dream Police Epic Cheap Trick 1980 All Shook Up Epic Cheap Trick 1982 One on One Epic Cheap Trick 1983 Next Position Please Epic Cheap Trick 1985 Standing on the Edge Epic Cheap Trick 1986 The Doctor Epic Cheap Trick 1988 Lap of Luxury Epic Cheap Trick 1990 Busted Epic Cheap Trick 1994 Woke Up With a Monster Warner Bros. Cheap Trick 1997 Cheap Trick [1997] Red Ant Cheap Trick 1999 Live 1998 Import Cheap Trick 1999 Music for Hangovers [live] Cheap Trick Unlimited Cheap Trick 2001 Silver [live] Cheap Trick Unlimited Cheap Trick 2003 Special One Big 3 Cheap Trick 1979 At Budokan [live] Epic Cheap Trick 1977 Cheap Trick [1977] Epic/Legacy Cheap Trick 2004 Greatest Hits Cheap Trick 2004 The Essential Cheap Trick DVD 2004 From Tokyo to you: Live in Japan Cheap Trick DVD 2001 Silver Cheap Trick DVD 1999 Live in Australia Cheap Trick DVD 2002 Music from Hangovers Cheinier C. J. & The Red Hot Lou Too much fun Chemical Brothers 1995 Exit Planet Dust Astralwerks Chemical Brothers 1995 Leave Home Chemical Brothers 1997 Chemical Reaction: The Best of British ... One Chemical Brothers 1997 Dig Your Own Hole Astralwerks Chemical Brothers 1998 Brothers Gonna Work It Out Astralwerks Chemical Brothers 1999 Surrender Astralwerks Chemical Brothers 2000 Music: Response (Ep) (Enhanced) Chemical Brothers 2001 Dusted Decks Import Chemical Brothers 2002 American Chemical Brothers 2002 Come with Us Astralwerks Chemical Brothers 2003 Singles 93-03 Astralwerks Chemical Brothers 2003 Singles 93-03 French version Astralwerks Chemical Brothers 2005 Push the Button Astralwerks Chemical Brothers DVD 2003 Single 93-03 (DVD) "Chemical Romance, My " Three cheers for sweet revenge "Chenier, Cflifton " Maison Blues: Frenchin the boogie Cher The farewell tour Cherry Eagle - Eye Living in the present future Chevy Rockets Chevy Rockets Chevy Rockets Serie 2 Chevy Rockets Etiqueta negra Chic The very best of Chicago 1982 Love Songs [TVT] TVT Chicago 1982 Chicago 16 Full Moon/Warner Bros. Chicago 1985 Take Me Back to Chicago Columbia Chicago 1991 Twenty 1 Full Moon/Warner Bros. Chicago 1998 The heart of Chicago 1967/1997 Chicago 2002 Chicago II (BT) Chicago 2003 Chicago Story: The Complete Greatest Hits 1967-2002 WEA International Chicago 2003 Christmas: What's it gonna be Santa? Chicago 2005 Chicago IX: Hreatest hits 1969-1974 Chicago Live Series Chick Corea Elektric Band DVD Live in Montreux 2004 (DVD) Chico Hamilton Forestsotrm Children Of Bodom 1998 Something Wild Nuclear Blast Children Of Bodom 1999 Hatebreeder Nuclear Blast America Children of Bodom 2001 Follow the Reaper Nuclear Blast America Children Of Bodom 2001 Tokyo Warhearts (Live) Toy's Factory Children Of Bodom 2003 Hate Crew Deathroll Century Media Children of Bodom 2005 Are You Dead Yet? 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